Digital and Social Media 


Burson-Marsteller helps organizations understand, adapt to, and participate in China's digital communications environment. Because digital & social media strategies employed overseas are not necessarily applicable in China, our team has the experience and knowledge to guide customers through this unique digital ecosystem of more than 500 million users and countless social networking sites. We create, deploy and monitor digital and marketing communications strategies, typically as part of a broader integrated communications campaign. 

We offer clients a holistic approach to digital communications & social media and partner with them to develop the most appropriate campaigns to reach varied stakeholder groups.  Our strategic digital communications services include:

Online Experience Design

  • Interactive campaign website design, content develop and maintenance
  • Online experiential program engagement  and database information collection
  • Experiential tools develop ideas
  • Digital viral communication

Digital Reputation Management

  • Integrated digital strategy
  • Official website design and content development
  • Analysis on competitor’s online share of voice/online ranking, etc
  • Online news exposure/news release distribution
  • Online interview with executives
  • Online media relationship maintenance
  • Establish and maintain famous bloggers relationship
  • Online crisis handling
  • Search engine management

Social Media/Community Development

  • Analysis on social network overview in China
  • Integrated social media strategy
  • Online community design and maintenance
  • BBS topics design and content management  
  • Online media/blog monitoring/engagement


D/BM Product Sheets

Digital and Social Media Trends Monitoring

Our China Trends Listening services provide invaluable brand and product insights. Our exclusive digital analytics platform and consultancy provides up-to-date trends in China’s fast-paced online landscape. For more information about how D/BM can help your organization monitor digital and social media, download the product sheet.



Digital and Social Media Reporting

Track and understand qantitative and qualitative trends in China’s fast-moving digital and social media landscape. For more information on how D/BM can help your organization with digital and social media reports, download the product sheet.




Digital Newsroom

As PR in China turns Digital, and all media outlets search online for corporate, brand and product news content, a Digital Newsroom is a definite must-have for any organization in China. For more information on how D/BM can help your organization build your Digital Newsroom, download the product sheet.



Weibo Strategy Planning

Weibo is today such a critical social media channel for broad-based digital communications and WOM sharing in China, that no company can ignore the marketing-communications opportunities within it. For more information on how D/BM can help your organization with your weibo strategy planning, download the product sheet.



Digital Reputation Assessment

The first step towards developing a strategic framework for Online Reputation and Social Media Management in China is to perform a Digital Reputation Assessment.
D/BM Reputation Assessment audit helps identify areas of vulnerability and focus in Content, Assets, Communications and Media. For more information on how D/BM can help your organization assess your digital reputation, download the product sheet.



Digital Crisis Readiness and Response

A recent Burson-Marsteller survey suggests 80% of business leaders expect their next communications crisis to happen within the next year. Fifty percent expect their next crisis to happen within the digital space. Yet - only half of business leaders have a crisis plan, and even less a digital and social media crisis plan. For more information on how D/BM can help your organization ready and respond to a digital crisis, download the product sheet.


Digital Health & Wellness Issues Auditing & Reporting

To understand the online and social media perspective in China for Health-related Issues it is important to listen. Using proprietary listening technology, analysis and Health industry insights, B-M China to understand challenges and opportunities in the Healthcare sector. Scientific audit and reporting can help construct better reports to influence related regulation debates in China, better communications programs, stronger frameworks for future Issues and Crisis Preparedness.


For more about Burson-Marsteller China's digital offering, please visit the website for D/BM, Burson-Marsteller China's integrated digital and social media practice.


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